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This session is all about Manifestation.

Using the power of your imagination to create your reality.

Our imagination is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation, it's free and we all have access to it. 

This recording has been created as a pre-curser to creating vision boards.


Creating vision boards, takes our visions into a concentrated visual form that can guide us to call in and create the reality that we envision in our lives.


Find yourself a space where you can listen uninterrupted for 50 minutes.

Light a candle, make a cosy space and if you have essential oils add some drops to pulse points

Guidance begins five minutes into the session, giving you time to light a candle and get comfortable.

Listening on headphones is strongly recommended for an optimum meditation experience.

Please please NO driving and listening to these meditations.


Please listen on headphones for best experience.



The active visualisation prompts in this meditation are exercises for your imagination,

even if what you receive is abstract it may reveal more than you realise.


The key to visualisation is clarity.  The clearer the request that you are sending out and asking for and the more detailed and realistic you can make it, the easier it will be to bring this into your present reality.


Only around 5% of our cognitive activity occurs in the conscious mind, this leaves a whopping 95% of our thoughts, responses, perceptions and decisions to be driven by our subconscious. 

By creating these boards we are actively reprogramming.  So, what you are creating right now will have a profound influence if we truly believe we deserve what we are asking for.




PERSONAL - Who are you becoming?  How do you look, how do you dress, what do you wear?

LOVE - relationships, family, romance

MENTAL - mind, learning, wisdom

PURPOSE - career, contribution, service

WEALTH- financial goals, assets, resources

SOCIAL - community, connection, fun

PHYSICAL - wellbeing, health, fitness

INSPIRATION - creativity, culture, adventure

SPIRITUAL - intuition, soul expansion, belief




Another great tool is to add affirmations to your boards.


These must be present tense & always affirming with a positive mindset,

 for example…

*Everything that I need is coming to me easily and effortlessly

*My life is blossoming in total perfection

*The more I love myself the more love I have to give to others

*I am now attracting loving satisfying relationships into my life

*I have enough time energy wisdom and money to accomplish all of my hearts desires

*I am always in the right place at the right time


These have to be personal to you to work for you.



Add a specific date that you want your manifestations to come to fruition on your boards.  Some people are of the opinion that you should then hide the boards away and come back to them when the timeline date is reached.  I hold a different viewpoint and believe that having them as a regular visual reminder is more powerful.  You decide what you think will work best for you!


As well as creating your boards you will need to take some other actions to be able to successfully manifest.


One action is aligning your energy & behaviour with your vision.

Fill your life with activities that bring you joy, raise your vibration.  This will magnetise your desires.

 Think in a multi-sensory way.  

Many of the sensory triggers are already within your reach.



Another is gratitude - acknowledging what you have created to date and being thankful for what you already have.


A biggie is removing fear and doubt.

Your sub conscious listens to your conscious mind so part of this process is allowing he opportunity to address any fears and doubts that may be holding you back.

Any roadblocks that stand in your way need to be worked on for us to truly manifest our desires.  This is an area that we MUST work on for our visions to truly manifest.

I’ll be creating more recordings focusing on specific areas of manifestation as well as other topics , if you would like to know more let me know.



Of course then there are physical actionable steps!  Allow your visions to percolate and then to formulate actionable steps to help bring your visions to life.

(For example, If you want the dream home then you need to do house viewings!)







I would be hugely grateful for any feedback and if you enjoyed this please click on follow below and subscribe to the newsletter which is sent out every quarter or when theres something exciting to share. 

I look forward to hearing all about exactly what you all manifest this year xx  

Much love Emma x

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