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Moemoea Meditation Experiences

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on our acoustic therapy sessions.

I personally like to reduce the amount that I chat at the beginning of each experience to maximise the meditation time that you have in each session and so that any regulars don't have to listen to the same thing on repeat!

This FAQ page has been put together for newcomers to Sonic Immersions or for anybody who would like to know more about the sessions that we hold.

What is a Soundbath?

Soundbaths have had a huge resurgence in popularity and are far more commonplace in many wellness venues as are a lot of practices like breathwork and movement meditations. Its fantastic that powerful practices like these are becoming more widely accessible and acceptable to a diverse demographic.

Sound healing is an ancient meditation method which can enable participants to take a journey of deep relaxation, healing and self discovery.

Acoustic therapies harness the power of a variety of instruments that feature natural spontaneous harmonics and overtones. This isn’t composed rhythmic music in the conventional sense so as the dense layers build the mind has nothing to attach itself to so the process of letting go can begin.

Organic binaurals permeate every cell of your body in these live acoustic sessions. These binaurals have a profound effect on brain activity, allowing you to reach altered states of consciousness without you having to do anything (aside from allowing your mind to lose itself within the sound waves).

What should I wear?

Sound Healing is often described as a sound bath, but this only refers to the fact that you will be bathing in sound waves, you are fully clothed! In fact you are actively encouraged to dress in warm layers as your body temperature will drop whilst you are in resting pose. Blankets, bolsters, eye masks and anything that optimises your comfort are recommended.

What exactly happens?

Many sound baths have a similar framework, but the flavour, so to speak, changes according to who is holding the space for you.

Generally speaking the facilitator you will begin with some breathing techniques that prime the body and mind for the experience, then you will be invited to lay down on your mats, get as comfortable as possible and you just let the sound waves do their thing.

Do I have to do participate in the initial exercises?

No, If you don’t feel like doing any of the exercises you are invited to do that is totally fine, just stay in your resting position or stretch your body out if this is what you would prefer. This is such a personal process for people, it’s really unlikely that anybody will know any different if you skip things.

What to expect from a Moemoea session held by Emma.

My background is as an artist and designer, creating spaces to tell stories. I see the Moemoea meditation experiences we create as an extension of this, crafting experiences that inspire the imagination, giving you space to allow yourself to explore and ultimately become architects of your own stories.

Im passionate about exploring creativity and the imagination so I also work a lot with guided visualisations as part of my sound journeys.

I may have my serious concentration face on when I’m playing instruments but I can assure you, its a pet peeve of mine when practices like this become too rigid and take themselves too seriously. I like to keep things light and playful and free up as much space so that you can explore and freely make the most of your own experience.

All facilitators have their own personality and approach, many have a really spiritual lean, some like to delve into astrology, some are combined with a yoga session or a cacao ceremony... the possibilities are vast and there’s no right or wrong. The most important thing is to try different facilitators and practices until you find ones that resonate with you.

What am I likely to experience?

Everybody will be having a totally different experience at each session and the same person with exactly the same sounds one day is likely to have a wildly different experience the next.

Thoughts and feelings will arise, allow them, observe them, they are transient.

Your mind, your imagination may play narratives, see colours, you may feel sensations in the body or you may fall asleep, all of the above are fine!

A common misconception is that sound baths are always relaxing. Its true for the most part as they often are, but they can also be really visceral powerful experiences and have the ability to shift stagnated energy and emotions. Deep inner work isn't always a walk in the park so heading in with an open mind is the best approach.

I believe that you receive whatever you need so if you trust in this then you'll get the most from the experience.

You say that you can reach Altered States in a session, will I lose control?

Yes you can reach altered states of consciousness but this is a really gentle passive meditative state and it’s your own that you are in complete control of. This is not a psychedelic altered state where you are locked in for the long haul, you are free to open your eyes at any time if you wish to return to your usual waking state.

What if I have ants I my pants and don’t like being still?

I was super skeptical about meditating in-stillness before I tried it. I have an incredibly busy mind and preferred movement based meditations, so I was really blown away when this worked for me. If this is you then try visualising this as a dance with the sound waves. Follow the sounds, explore the sounds and before you know it the meditation will have found you.

What if my mind drifts?

During sessions your mind will most certainly start to drift and thats fine, if its an exciting tangent, follow your imagination, if its inane brain chatter then acknowledge it, bring your attention back to your breath and the meditation will find you.

Should I eat before hand?

It’s best to come and do a sound bath having not ate beforehand. Its nice to connect to a sense of lightness for these experiences and this lightness enhances your sensitivity to the vibrations. Also a full stomach just doesnt won't feel nice when you are laying down. That said please don’t come so hungry that your rumbling stomach becomes a key part of the soundscape!

What if I start snoring?

It’s inevitable that people will drift in and out of sleep.

It is inevitable that you will hear sounds from outside the created soundscape. We can’t stop the world turning. Try not to let these bother you, you can choose how you respond and to let these interruptions go and let them melt away into the soundscape

Who are soundbaths not for?

I believe that everybody can benefit from acoustic therapy under the right conditions.

You know yourself and any sensitivities that you may have especially if they are related to sound. its highly likely that you facilitator will have zero medical training so it’s always best to discuss this with a qualified medical health professional if you have any concerns. It is extremely unlikely that any sound created using therapeutic instruments could cause damage to you. If you experience any notable physical discomfort whilst at a soundbath and indeed anywhere else in life then you should of course do what’s best for you and take yourself into another space.

If you have a serious mental health condition, I think that working with sound as a therapeutic tool can be hugely beneficial, I just recommend that you speak to your allocated medical professional to arrange a session in a controlled environment so that should sound trigger an episode or emotional response that an appropriate qualified professional is on hand to help you.

I’m pregnant can I still enjoy a Soundbath?

Medical professionals err on the side of caution in a big way with pregnancy and advise against almost everything in the first trimester. particularly. Many cultural traditions are the same. If you are pregnant my advice would be to speak to a medical professional if you have ANY questions or concerns.

If its of interest, I was 2 weeks pregnant when I began my training in the yoga of sound and vibration, (we conceived on the actual day I paid the deposit for the course. I found out a few weeks later and I worked closely with my teacher Leo Cosendai to make sure that I was comfortable and we avoided specific intense physical & breathing exercises. So, for my personal journey into motherhood, I attended and held many sound baths and continued this right the way throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I personally believe that there was no coincidence in my embarking on my training and falling pregnant at the same time. I felt it all happened for a reason and I followed my own intuition to know what felt right for myself and my daughter. I believe that we know so much more than we give ourselves credit for, we know our own bodies and if something doesn’t feel right, just don’t continue.

I hope that you have found some of this useful helpful and answers any questions you. If you have further questions please do reach out.

The best way to understand what it can do for you, is to experience it for yourself!


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