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Welcome to
Maison Moemoea

We are an Imagination Atelier creating unique meditative experiences to ignite creativity & wellbeing.

Photography by Genevieve Stevenson at Wasing Wellbeing








Hi I’m Emma, I’m an artist, designer & vibrational sound practitioner.

I am passionate about exploring creativity and imagination in ways to enrich our well-being and enhance our journey on this planet.

I founded Maison Moemoea to share beautiful creative meditation experiences that allow us to access our own inner imagination journeys.

Clearing space to create on a much deeper level from a place that is sacred and authentic.

Space to recalibrate our mind and body. Space to allow our innate inner wisdom to be heard. Space to be inspired, Space to become architects of our own story.

Meditation Experiences

Our meditation’s harness the power of sonic vibration, visualisation as well as sensory and somatic techniques to allow us to access altered states of consciousness. Taking people from an everyday waking Beta state through to altered states of consciousness from Alpha (Relaxations) toDelta (Meditation) and Theta (Trance) brainwave states. The waves of therapeutic frequencies give nothing for the mind to attach itself, so as the dense acoustic layers build, the process of letting go can begin.

This ‘journal’ is a space to share interviews, articles, reflections & collected inspirations exploring wellbeing & creative expansion.

So a little bit of a backstory...

I have worked as an Artist & Set Designer for well over a decade, setting the scene for global print, motion and live campaigns ranging from delicate still-life sets to producing full-scale fashion and film sets as well as commercial & residential commissions. Playing my role to expand the visual storytelling of productions by creating highly detailed worlds.

I am lucky enough to have worked on amazing projects and have had many opportunities to collaborate with some incredible creative visionaries. ( )

Somewhere in the mix, however, even though I was working on incredible projects and running a successful studio, I was finding myself in states of overwhelm.

There were a lot of fragments at play, my passion and perfectionist tendencies being up there, but in a nutshell, I had started creating from a space of fear and from the head and not from the heart. Then I became a mother and everything changed. I could no longer continue working the way that I did, not only for my own health but I certainly didn’t want our daughter growing up thinking it's OK to be in states of dis-ease, anxiety and misalignment. I had to work to become the best role model for my daughter and that meant making big changes in becoming a better version of myself! I became increasingly fascinated with finding ways in which I could separate myself from the (mostly self-created) noise, ways in which I could access my innate intuition to help guide me to tap into raw creativity and so that I could maintain mental well-being for both myself and my family in the process.

Creating space for ourselves to meditate in altered brainwave states has hugely restorative effects on the body and mind. It helps us 'be' with ease and really shifts our awareness.

It was my personal journey into finding ways to declutter my ridiculously busy creative mind and my journey into motherhood that led me to study & eventually share the yoga of sound & vibration alongside my creative practice. I followed my intuition and a deep interest after experiencing the transformative effects that it had on my own life. Simply by receiving a sound bath I was able to create the much-needed inner space to achieve better mental well-being, better sleep, more clarity, more focussed creativity, (the list goes on).

Using creative visualisations & sound as catalysts we can reach states in which to explore our imagination as not only a therapeutic tool but also as a powerful vehicle for manifestation and transformation.


Creating space within ourselves allows us to be aware of our own innate wisdom & intuition.

Merging Arts & Wellbeing

I have always had a yearning to inspire & create with people in a way that resonates on a far deeper level so here I am on a mission to share beautiful meditation experiences. I have been creating spaces to tell visual stories for a long time, Moemoea meditations give you the much-needed space to become an architect of your own story.

I wholeheartedly believe that creative expression is sacred medicine that is accessible to everybody, it is a beautiful way of storytelling, creating meaning and allowing us to process thoughts and emotions in life.

My goal is to merge the arts with meditation, a blending of all of my passions to create experiences to inspire and ignite the imagination, to encourage the unleashing of authentic creativity, playfulness, personal expansion and happiness. To explore ways in which to enrich our journey in this lifetime.

I would love for you to join me for the adventure.

Lets journey together


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