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Its our vision to create beautiful meditative experiences
that allow you to transcend your everyday existence.


Emma Winter © Genevieve Stevenson-21_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Maison Moemoea was founded by multi-disciplinary artist Emma Winter.


“Spanning two decades, I've been creating highly detailed worlds to enhance storytelling.

Designing sets & installations across advertising, events, retail & the arts, 

I’ve collaborated with some of the worlds finest creative talents on a wide array of exciting projects. 


Maison Moemoea began out of a yearning to create works on a deeper multi-sensory level, to encourage exploration & personal expansion.


I’ve long been drawn to holistic practices & have used vibrational sound to guide & enhance my own personal creative journey & to help calm and focus my own busy mind.  This led me on a journey studying sound as a therapeutic medium.  ( Accredited vibrational sound practitioner)


Weaving together all of my passions, I harnesses the power of creativity and the imagination along with the alchemy of sound to facilitate multi sensory immersive spaces & embodied experiences.

My sonic immersions really encourage participants to allow themselves to release, to playfully explore & take a journey of expansion using sound as their guide.


I founded the imagination atelier with a vision to create transcendental meditative experiences that allow participants to drop the constructs of their everyday existence & become fully resonant in their own bodies.  Creating space to explore your own imagination, inner landscapes & access your own innate wisdom & intuition.”

'I was experiencing my senses more fully & deeply. 

A re- remembering of our human selves & a truly profound somatic experience'

S I Madden, Sussex

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